XMLFox Advance XML Editor 8.3
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XMLFox Advance XML Editor 8.3

Create valid XML documents and XSD schemas
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Edit and validate the XML documents that you create in Visual Studio. The tool automatically displays a database-like view, ensures that your documents and schemas are well-formed and converts between UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding. Works as an extension of Visual Studio.

This XMLFox Advance XML editor is RustemSoft’s upgrade to its free and widely used XMLFox Editor. Though not many changes have been introduced in the interface side, its functionality has been widely enhanced – it can now convert between UTF-8 and UTF-16 encoding on the fly, shows you a database-like view of your XML files, validates your XML against its corresponding schema, and more.

The program offers you four visualization options (Standard, Script, Tree, and Grid), and all of them are neatly connected with the schema to which the XML file is related to. Thus, you can always have a clear view of how every element in the schema relates to the elements in the XML file. Another interesting feature of this tool is its representation of XML files as databases, which allows the program to show you a table-like view of the XML file. This Grid view allows you to edit the content of the XML file as easily as if you were editing the rows and columns of a table, as well as to create a new table, to modify the table structure, etc.

XMLFox Advance allows you to export your XML into various useful formats, such as TXT, CSV, HTML, Access, Excel, PDF, Word, and MS SQL. The program also includes an Import option, which is actually not there. This misleading menu option simply takes you to the developer’s website, where you can buy XML Converter if you need to transform Excel, Oracle, or CSV files (among others) into valid XML files. A pity that such a useful add-on is nothing but a link.

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  • Includes useful tutorials to help with the most frequently used features
  • Allows you to view your XML files in four different ways
  • Easy UTF conversion


  • The import option (XML converter) points you to a different RustemSoft commercial product


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